7 Days to Die Console Commands –  All Commands

7 days to die console commands
7 days to die console commands

7 Days to Die Console Commands –  All

7 Days to Die Console all commands are mentioned below. With this guide, you will know How to open the console and all the console commands & cheats. Let’s start this guide for 7 Days to Die Console Commands…


7 Days to Die Console Commands For Enabling Console

First of all, launch your game, then press the below-mentioned keys…

  • F1: US & EU
  • : US
  • @: EU
  • Ö/Ø/F2: Scandinavia
  • Ñ: Spanish

After doing this, you can easily use other 7 Days to Die Console commands…


All 7 Days to Die Commands – List

Friends, all console commands for 7 Days to Die mentioned below…

  • elp <command>: Explains the command of your choice
  • admin add <name / entityid / steamid> <permission level>: Adds a player to the admin list with the permission level (0 to 1000) of your choice
  • admin remove <name / entity id / steam id>: Removes a player from the admin list
  • ban add <name / entity id / steam id> <duration> <duration unit> [reason]: Bans a player for “duration” in “duration units”, reason is optional
  • aiddebug: toggles AIDirector
  • Ban List: A list of banned players
  • ban remove <name / entity id / steam id>: Removes a player from the ban list
  • buff <buff name>: You will get the buff of your choice (check Ids below)
  • buffplayer <name / entity id / steam id> <buff name>: The player of your choice will get the buff of your choice (check Ids below)
  • chunkcache: All loaded chunks
  • Clear: To clear the console
  • cp add <command> <level>: Gives a permission level to the command
  • cp remove <command>: Removes the persmission level of the command
  • creativemenu: Toggles the creative menu
  • cp list: List of Command permisions
  • deathscreen <on/off>: enables or disables the blood-filled death screen
  • debuff <buff name>: Removes the buff of your choice (From you)
  • debuffplayer <name / entity id / steam id> <buff name>: Removes the buff of your choice (From the player of your choice)
  • debugmenu [on/off]: Toggles Debug mode
  • enablescope <on/off>: Toggles debug scope
  • exhausted: Makes you exhausted
  • exportcurrentconfigs: For mod development
  • exportitemicons: For wiki editing
  • getgamepref: List of game preferences
  • getgamestat: List of game stats
  • gettime: Days & time
  • gfx af <1 or 0>: enables or disables anisotropic filtering
  • gfx dti: to set distant terrain instancing
  • givequest: Gives you a quest (check Ids below)
  • gfx dtpix: to set distant terrain pixel error
  • giveself <item name> [quality level]: Spawns items
  • giveselfxp <amount>: Gives experience
  • kick <name / entity id / steam id> [reason]: To kick a player
  • kickall [reason]: to kick all
  • killall: to kill all
  • lights: toggles lights around entities
  • listents: List of entities
  • listlandclaim: List of Land claim blocks
  • listplayerids: List of players & Ids
  • listplayers: List of players
  • listthreads: List of threads
  • loggamestate <message> [true/false]: Info about the state of the game
  • loglevel <loglevel name> <true/false>: Log messages shown
  • mem: Memory info & garbage collector
  • memcl: Memory info on client & garbage collector
  • pplist: Persistent player data
  • removequest: Removes a quest (check Ids below)
  • repairchunkdensity <x> <z> [fix]: To repair the chunk density in the coordinates of your choice
  • saveworld: to manually save
  • say <message>: server message
  • setgamepref <preference name> <value>: check preferences using the gg command
  • setgamestat <stat name> <value>: check game stats using the sgs command
  • settempunit <c or f>: temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • settime <time>: to set the time (avoid this command)
  • showalbedo: Toggles display of albedo in gBuffer.
  • showchunkdata: Current chunk
  • showclouds: to show clouds
  • shownexthordetime: Horde time
  • shownormals: normal maps in gBuffer
  • showspecular: specular values in gBuffer
  • shutdown: to shut the game down
  • sounddebug: Toggles SoundManager debug
  • spawnairdrop: to spawn an air drop
  • spawnentity <playerID> <entityID>
  • spawnscouts: To spawn 1 screamer
  • spawnscreen: Displays spawn screen
  • spawnsupplycrate: to spawn a supply crate
  • spawnwh: to spawn a wandering horde
  • spectrum <choice>: to force a lightning spectrum
  • starve: Makes you hungry
  • staticmap: Toggles map static/dynamic
  • switchview: 1st or 3rd person
  • systeminfo: Current system info
  • teleport <E / W> <N / S>: Teleport to coordinates
  • teleportplayer <player id1> <player id2>: Teleport player 1 to player 2 location
  • thirsty: Makes you thirsty
  • traderarea: ??
  • updatelighton <name / player id / steam id>:??
  • version: version of the game
  • water: water settings (check the settings below)
  • weather: weather settings (check the settings below)
  • whitelist add <name / player id / steam id>: To add a player to the whitelist
  • weathersurvival <on / off>: Toggles weather survival
  • whitelist remove <name / player id / steam id>: to remove a player from the whitelist
  • whitelist list: Players included in the white list


Ids or Resources for 7 Days to Die

For using these console commands you also need

  • Buffs List: 7 Days To Die\Data\Config\buffs.xml
  • Quests list: 7 Days To Die\Data\Config\quests.xml
  • Item List: 7 Days To Die\Data\Config\items.xml
  • Water Settings: type help water
  • Weather Settings: type help weather


7 Days To Die – Description

7 Days to Die is a survival genre game. with unrivaled crafting and world-building content. Moreover, this game is set in a brutally unforgiving post-apocalyptic world ruled by the undead.

Moreover,  7 Days to Die is a unique combination of first-person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games. In this game you are going to combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character growth. Play the definitive zombie survival sandbox RPG that came first. Navezgane awaits!


Final Words

Friends, all console commands for 7 Days to die are mentioned above. Moreover, if you love this guide, them comment “Yes”. And we will add more guides like this. You can also check our other articles for reward codes and cheats.

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