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Banana Eats Codes

Roblox Banana Eats Codes 2021 – Working

In this guide, you will find an updated list for Banana Eats Codes. First of all, welcome friends and have a nice day. Friends, in this guide you will find 5+ active Roblox Banana Eats Codes for 2021. Moreover, here you also know more about the Roblox Banana Eats game…


New* Banana Eats Codes 2021

  • BANANASPLIT150 – Roblox Banana Eats code for free Peel Beacon.
  • BIGUPDATES2021 – Roblox Banana Eats code for free Snow Peel Skin.


Roblox Banana Eats

Friends, Roblox Banana Eats is a Horror Puzzle game created by RyCitrus on 11/22/2019. Moreover, the Banana Eats game is inspired by Roblox Piggy and the BEAR game.

Basically, the main goal of players in this game is hiding from Banana and solve puzzles for decreasing the time of the round. However, Banana can increase the time by eating players. Additionally, players can hide them in lockers around the map.

Furthermore, you can use Roblox Banan Eats codes for earning exciting rewards in your game…


List Of Roblox Banana Eats Codes – 2021

Friends, check out all of these given Roblox Banana Eats Codes and get exciting rewards right now. Moreover, redeem all of the given Roblox codes as soon as possible. Otherwise, you lose the chance of free rewards…

15KFOLLOWERS – Roblox Banana Eats Code

First of all, use this Roblox Banan Eats code and you will earn free coins in your game.

SPARECHANGE – Roblox Banana Eats Code

As well as that, redeem the given Roblox Banana Eats code and you will get free coins right now.

BOONANAEATS – Roblox Banana Eats Code

In spite of this, get a free Peel-O-Lantern trap as a reward by using this Roblox Banan Eats code.

FANCYPANCAKE – Roblox Banana Eats Code

Nonetheless, you can get a Waffle Skin as a reward, by using this Roblox Banana Eats code.

MORECOINS – Roblox Banana Eats Code

Furthermore, get free coins as a reward, by using this Roblox Banana Eats code.


Where I Enter Roblox Banana Eats Codes?

First of all, click on the green Bird button. After that, a new window will be open. Now enter or paste a Roblox Banana Eats code from here. Lastly, click on the redeem button. Now you will see a pop-up window that shows you your earned reward.

Roblox Banana Eats Codes

On the other hand, for new codes, you can follow @RyCitrus on Twitter. Moreover, stay with us and always get new and updated codes…


Outdated – Banana Eats Codes 2021

Friends, here we listed all recently expired Roblox Banana Eats codes for you. You can also try these codes if you want…

  • FREECOINS – Roblox Banana Eats Code For Free Coins As A Reward.
  • THATEGGPLANTCOLOR – Roblox Banana Eats Code For New Code Purple As A Reward.
  • GLITTEREVERYWHERE – Roblox Banana Eats Code For New Sparkle Teal As A Reward.
  • THEGOLDENPEELS – Roblox Banana Eats Code For New Golden Skin As A Reward.
  • DIPPINGINTOINSANITY – Roblox Banana Eats Code For New Dipped Banana Beacon As A Reward.
  • BANANAISHERE – Roblox Banana Eats Code For New Party Peel Skin As A Reward.
  • NEWMAPSOON – Roblox Banana Eats Code For New Canned Peanuts Skin As A Reward.


Roblox Banana Eats – Gameplay

Friends, in this game you will find five maps named Peeled Highschool, Sinister Supermarket, Banana’s Backrooms, Plantain Cabins & Banana Bash Fun Center.

In the lobby, you can choose any of the maps. After spawning the map, one player will become Banana. Each player will have 3 hearts, you can also call it 3 lives. Moreover, each player will have a Beacon behind their back. When it glows brighter, it means that the Banana is close. And players will have up to 15 seconds to prepare before Banana comes.

When the Banana comes, the players will need to solve puzzles for reducing the time of the clock. And when Banan is very close to players, he will bite the players, sometimes players game speed boosts.

Bitten by Banana means that you lost a Heart. If you lost all 3 hearts its means that you are eaten by Banana and time will be increased. When there is one minute is left for finishing the round, all exits are open.

Moreover, all players need to know that, Banana’s main goal is to prevent players from escaping. So he can put traps on one or two exits and camps at one exit.

Roblox Banan Eats – Puzzles

Friends, in this game you can see 4 types of puzzles mentioned below…

  1. Cake Puzzle: this is the most important puzzle in this game. In this puzzle, there is the main cake anywhere on the map. And cake’s pieces around the whole map. You need to find all species and complete the puzzle. Moreover, it reduces time by 60 seconds.
  2. Jumbled Blocks: In this puzzle, you have to match up the pieces to make a cake. Sometimes there is a banana peel trap picture. And this puzzle decreases the time by 30 seconds.
  3. Code Puzzle: In this puzzle, there are 3 numbers that can go from 1 to 6. You can click numbers, and then the number will go up. Moreover, you need to find a small tablet that shows a random number of 3 digits from 1-6 somewhere out on the map. After that, put the numbers in. And this puzzle decreases the time by 30 seconds.
  4. Valve Puzzle: On the map, there are 3 red valves with a meter, going from red to green with a red arrow on it. Every time you click on it, the meter goes up slowly. When the meter reaches the end, the arrow will become green and a neon light also turns green. Once all valves of the puzzle are complete, the puzzle is fully done. And this puzzle decreases the time by 30 seconds.

In addition, whenever you solve the puzzle, there will be a loud sound. And a red puzzle piece icon will appear. Everybody can see it, and Banana can also see.

Tricks For Banana And Players

Tips For Banana

  • Always try to put Banana Peel Traps in vents every time you see them.
  • Always pay attention to puzzle icons or banana peels icons when they show up
  • When you see lockers, go closer to them. If a Hear will appear, it means there is a player.
  • Lastly, try to eat players to increase the time by 15 seconds.

Tips For Players

  • Always pay attention to your Bacon it can glow at any time.
  • If Banana is chasing you, then try and find a vent or a place to outrun Banana if you can.
  • Moreover, in Banana’s Bash Fun Center map, on the Stage, you can trick Banana by entering the stage by the middle. After that, quickly leaving by one of the sides.
  • Every time try to complete the cake puzzle. By completing it takes an entire minute out.


Final Words

Friends, here you will get all things about Roblox Banana Eats and codes. Here we tried to explain about Banana Eats, gameplay, and some tricks also. Moreover, here you will find a complete list of Roblox Banana Eats codes.

Lastly, thanks for visiting here, and always enjoy exciting rewards with us. Also, check our other guides for Roblox codes and other game codes.

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