New* Roblox Captive Codes For 2021

Roblox Captive Codes

Roblox Captive Codes 2021 | All Verified

In this guide, we are going to discuss some active and valid Roblox Captive Codes with you. By redeeming these given Roblox Captive Codes, you will earn cash up to 7700 in your game. Moreover, the best source for Roblox Captive Codes is this guide. Here you will always find new and updated codes for Captive…


Roblox Captive

Friends, Roblox Captive is an amazing horror game created by Red Riptide. Moreover, the Roblox Captive game is launched on 6/29/2019. Since then, this game has got 25.8 m + views and views are increasing day by day.

In this game, four survivors are involved, who is going to hack computers for making the escape from the facility while avoiding the beast.

Enjoy this game now and use our Captive codes for earning free cash…


List Of Roblox Captive Codes – 2021

Friends, here we mentioned all active and new Roblox Captive codes for you. Redeem all of these Captive codes and earn free cash…

SPOOKY – Roblox Captive Code

First of all, use this new Roblox Captive code and earn up to 250 free cash in your game.

SORRY – Roblox Captive Code

In spite of this, by using this Roblox Captive code, you can earn cash up to 2000 easily.

blacklivesmatter – Roblox Captive Code

As well as that, when you use the given Roblox Captive code, you will earn 2000 cash easily.

glorious – Roblox Captive Code

Likewise, here we have another Roblox Captive code that gives 2000 free cash in-game.

MULLETS – Roblox Captive Code

Moreover, with this Roblox Captive code, you can easily get up to 500 free cash.

FROSTY – Roblox Captive Code

Additionally, earn extra 1000 free cash, by redeeming this Roblox Captive code.

VIBE – Roblox Captive Code

Furthermore, use this Roblox Captive Code and get up to 200 free cash in your game.

MULLETMAFIA – Roblox Captive Code

Also, redeem this Roblox Captive code for earning a cash amount in your game.

transrights – Roblox Captive Code

On the other hand, the mentioned Roblox Captive code gives you up to 100 free cash as a reward.

KREW – Roblox Captive Code

Additionally, use this Roblox Captive code and you will earn free cash in your game.

XMAS – Roblox Captive Code

Moreover, use this Roblox Captive code for earning free cash up to 50 in your game.


Ho Do I Redeem Roblox Captive Codes?

On the right side of your device’s screen, you will find a Twitter Bird icon button. First of all, click on that Twitter Bird icon button.

Codes For Roblox Captive

Now enter a Roblox Captive code from here in the pop-up window. Lastly, hit the “Enter” button and enjoy the reward…

Moreover, @TheHyb_ and @Mullets_Gavin on Twitter for new Captive codes. On the other hand, stay tuned with us. Here we add Captive codes from time to time. Next time here you will find more Captive codes for more rewards.


Outdated Codes For Roblox Captive

Additionally, friends here we added all recently expired Roblox Captive codes for you. You can also use these expired Captive codes. But there is no guarantee that these below given Captive codes work…

  • discord – Roblox Captive Code For 500 Cash
  • stages – Roblox Captive Code For 500 Cash
  • stages – Roblox Captive Code For 500 Cash
  • BUNDLE – Roblox Captive Code For 50 Cash
  • snowday – Roblox Captive Code For 100 Cash
  • release – Roblox Captive Code For 100 Cash



In short, we hope you will earn extra cash with our given Captive codes. Moreover, keep in touch and next time you will find more Captive codes. You should also check our other posts for Roblox codes. Furthermore, if you looking for specific game codes, then contact us or comment. We are always here for your help…

Lastly, thanks for visiting here always earn awesome rewards with us.

Love to share Roblox Codes and Other Game codes with peoples, who love to play Roblox and other games.

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