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Scarlet Nexus Musubi Code May 2022

Scarlet Nexus Musubi Code

Scarlet Nexus Musubi Code – Full List

Scarlet Nexus Musubi Code. Friends welcome to this blog regarding Scarlet Nexus Musubi Codes 2021. Today here we are going to share all active Scarlet Nexus Musubi Codes with you. With these mentioned Scarlet Nexus Musubi Codes you can earn exciting rewards easily. Check out the full list of Scarlet Nexus Musubi Codes right now for exciting rewards…


Dear friends, here we always try to give you valid reward codes. Moreover, in this article, you will find all the legit codes for Scarlet Nexus Musubi. Redeem all of these codes for exciting rewards.


List Of Scarlet Nexus Musubi Codes

All legit codes for Scarlet Nexus Musbu are mentioned below. Check them now…

  • First, top-secret file Scarlet Nexus Musubi Code: Such a liar > Reward: Poster Vision Yuito x1
  • Second, top-secret file Scarlet Nexus Musubi Code: Tell the truth > Reward: ??
  • Moreover, Introduction Scarlet Nexus Musubi Code: CODE > Reward: 1k money


Harem Hotel Codes Are Also Available


How to redeem Scarlet Nexus Musubi Codes?

Friends, You will not be able to redeem any of the codes until you have completed phase 2 of the Scarlet Nexus Musubi game.

When you’re done, then go to the Musubi restaurant. After that, talk to NPC Musubi. After interacting with her she will ask if any words caught your eye. then you will have the option to redeem all the codes given here.

See this is a very simple task, follow the mentioned steps and you will easily use your Nexus Musubi Codes


Scarlet Nexus Musubi – Description

Scarlet Nexus,” a new action role-playing title from Bandai Namco, blends anime, visual novel stylings, and a robust combat system that feels sleek and fun to use. For anime lovers and anyone who enjoyed “Fire Emblem: Three Houses,” the game will be a hit.

Especially, each of “Scarlet Nexus’s” two storylines features scenes exclusive to that plot, though some core parts of the story remain the same. Moreover, the game entices you to play both stories. Yuito and Kasane develop unique friendships with their teammates and have different family backgrounds

Furthermore, this game is available on: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S


Final Words

Lastly, thanks for visiting here. We hope that you will earn some rewards with the mentioned codes above. Friends, we always try to give you valid and legit codes that give you free rewards every time.

Moreover, keep in touch with us for more codes. Next time you will find more codes for Scarlet Nexus Musubi …

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