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Shonen Verse Codes 2021 – ROBLOX

Shonen Verse Codes available for 2021. Welcome back friend, in today’s post me are going to mention 5+ active Roblox Shonen Verse Codes with you. If you are looking for Roblox ShonenVerse Codes, then you are in the right place. Because this is the complete guide for Roblox ShonenVerse Codes that works 100%…


Friends, at, we always publish legit reward codes. So In this post, we tried to mentioned all new and working Roblox Shone Verse Codes with you. By redeeming these Roblox ShonenVerse Codes you will earn rewards like Boosts, Yen, Xp, and many more.


Roblox Shonen Verse Codes 2021

All the mentioned codes for ShonenVerse work 100%. Redeem all of these Roblox Shonen Verse codes for exciting rewards…

  • SorryForTooManyShutdowns – Firstly. Use this Roblox Shonen Verse code and get double XP and double yen for 15 minutes.
  • 5KFavs – In spite of this,  get 10k yen as a reward with the given Roblox Shonen Verse code.
  • Release! – Moreover, by using this Roblox Shonen Verse code you will get 15,000 Yen as a reward.
  • DoubleXP – Also, get x2 XP and x2 Yen as a reward with the given Roblox Shonen Verse code.
  • Sub2Roball – Especially, earn 15k yen, double XP for 15 minutes, and double yen for 15 minutes with the Shonen Verse code.
  • WBI0x – You can also use this Roblox Shonen Verse code for getting  30k yen as a reward.
  • RIPEXPLOITERS – Furthermore, get 10k Yen as a reward with the given Roblox Shonen Verse code.
  • 1KLikes – Additionally, get x2 XP and x2 Yen with the mentioned Roblox Shonen Verse code.

Moreover, if you wanna stay updated with new codes, then keep an eye here. We surf the web every week for new codes. And when we find new codes we will post them here immediately.


How To Use Shonen Verse Codes?

Friends, using a Roblox Shonen Verse code is a very simple task. First of all, open your Roblox SHonen Verse game. After that, click on the CODES button. As a result, a new popup window will be open as shown below.

Shonen Verse codes

Now enter Shonen Verse codes one by one. Lastly, hi the Confirm button to redeem these codes and reward will be added to your game.


How To Find Shonen Verse codes?

Friends, for upcoming Shonen Verse codes, you can follow

Moreover, you can stay tuned with us for upcoming codes. Here you will always find a list of working codes.


Roblox Shonen Verse – Description

Discover Islands, go on adventures, and fight multiple NPC’s while competing with other players.

Scavenge the islands for new abilities and weapons known to empower their users.

JoJo Abilities:

Star Platinum, The World, Echo Act 3, Hamon, Hamon Requiem, Purple Smoke, Magician Red, and Killer Queen


One Piece Abilities:

Buso Haki, Conqueror Haki, Fire Fruit, Smoke Fruit, Bomb Fruit, Chop Fruit, Barrier Fruit, Ice Fruit, Black Leg


Other Abilities:

Saiyan (DBZ), Sharingan (Naruto)

Exploiters will be banned permanently and there will be NO appeals.



  • Z to Dash
  • Double Space to double jump
  • Q,E,R,F for skills

One (Arrow or Fruit) spawn per 30 mins

Damage and Defense increase automatically with every level


Bottom Line

Lastly, all valid codes for Roblox Shonen Verse are mentioned above. Friends, we always suggest you redeem these codes as soon as possible. Because codes are valid for a short period. When you find any code, use that code as soon as possible.

Thanks for visiting here keep in touch with us for upcoming codes. Till then keep enjoying…


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